Who is MTD?

Hi, I’m Momma TaderDoodles. A.K.A. Momma Bug, Mrs B, Ouiser, Oohrah, and Lisa. I am married to a wonderful husband, have been for ten years now, and even though on most days he is more like my oldest child, I would not trade him for anything in the world. We met and I proposed 30 days later. He was a gift from God, just for me.

We have three beautifully spunky little girls: Doodle Bug (age seven),  Tader Bug (age four), and our newest edition Bubba Avagirl (our third daughter born Aug of o8). They talk a LOT, have wild imaginations and more energy than a case of Red Bull. We’ve tried for a little boy, and while the whole house would love to do it again, momma wants to get a grip on what she has before we ride that coaster once more!

We began investigating homeschooling about seven years ago. Until then I had no idea that it was even an option! I thought you had to be in some religious sect to get permission to home school. After years of deliberation and praying we could ignore the calling no longer. We pulled Doodles out of public school eight weeks into Kindergarten. She loved it! She was learning at an alarming rate, it’s amazing what they just “pick up” on.  Now we’re halfway through the first grade and doing great!

This blog, originally entitled “Homeschooling on Faith”, was hosted on Blogger.com and transferred to WordPress. I wanted to be able to share with everyone all the wonderful online resources I found and share the stuff I had made personally for our children.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please come back again! You never know when I’ll post something new and fun to do or just laugh at!

memrband3 at gmail dot com

My other blogs:

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Inside the Shell… is a naked turtle – my new blog about digital graphics and digital scrapbooking, my new ‘mommy hobby’

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