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Like having the Principal observing your class…

Despite the not very reassuring conference call I listened in on last week, the one that clearly stated that ‘all is well’ in the world of Company Q, all was not well and last Friday was our Daddy’s last day at work. (Something told me immediately that I should NOT have prayed so hard that he would be home more often!) Monday we skipped formal school work to learn about proper eating habits out of brochures while we sat at social services and the unemployment office, waiting to find out there is not help for us at this time, then we went to the park for some well deserved Physical Education. I knew that today would be the hard day… the first day we had to do school with Daddy around. It was kind of like having the Principal sit in your class room to observe. Only ours was bigger, and could in fact watch all of us at the same time. He opted to sit around the corner, said he was applying for jobs, but WE KNEW he was secretly listening. (ok, so I knew he wasn’t paying us the slightest bit of attention, instead he was searching for a better word to put in his resume, but what THEY don’t know won’t hurt them) I must say I enjoyed telling DoodleBug that her daddy was listening…. muwahahahahaha yes, I am bad…yes, homework was finished faster and neater than ever before. My devious little plan was perfect. Until…. DoodleBug asked Daddy to check her work. To which he proceeded to tell ME she got two wrong. Which is when I told HIM to tell HER… and he did not… and Doodles figured out that Daddy really wasn’t paying attention after all. So Doodles put up her books and went to play. My leverage was completely played out in less than 3 hours. I can always count on him for one thing- taking them outside- they are off pretending to hunt scrogers while the weather is nice. I’m going to try to post again on my other blog so my mom will stop commenting on how I need to post (love you mom ! LOL) and maybe make some Jello for my little hunters. Have a happy school day everyone!


Get the butter! Cuz I’m on a roll!..

Boy do I wish I had made that up on my own! 

I’m so much on a roll that I’m a day early!  For some reason I thought today was the first of February so I gathered up all my comments from January and had hubby pull a name out of a hat for the January Graphics Contest!

And the Winner is….Reen from the MommyAuctions Store “From Our Dresser to Yours…”

She posted her comments on my homeschooling blog!


To make up for my confusion all comments made TODAY, Jan 31st, 2009 will receive 2 entries into February’s Contest. 

Thanks to everyone who visited me this past month!

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For my twitter mommy friends!

I have just created a new twitter group!

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What’s so hard about music?

Apparently I was wrong.. you do NOT have to know HOW to play the
instrument in order to have a music class about the instrument !

See, I took a different route today with class… instead of our curriculum’s books we did some other things from one of my ‘big book of
stuff they need to know’ and we did riddles and did math with popcorn
and then I stumbled upon the page on musical instruments and their

so we did a little percussion with Tader Bug’s cheesy $10 wanna be drum
set she got for her birthday, and shook some beans up in one of my
tiny canning jars to make fake maracas, and we talked about how mommy
and daddy’s guitars are from the string family and mommy’s violin is
too (neither of which can I play worth a hookie) and we tried to
understand how a piano is string BUT mommy’s is electric (yeah, i fell
into that one)

BUT then we got to the wind section and I figured the noise was done…
OH NO… DoodleBug remembered that Dad had bought a used clarinet at the
yard sale and we just HAD to take it out and see how it worked….
ummm.. yeah.. Mr. B played that when was like nine… I play piano…
sort of, not clarinet..

Well, we spent almost an hour making the oddest sounds come out of that
thing! We learned the difference between humming, singing, and blowing
air (since only the later will actually produce a pleasant sound out of
that thing)

All in all, to not really be able to play any instrument worth a dern
we managed to have a pretty fun and education day out of it all….

only one problem… DoodleBug wants castanets for her birthday….

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It’ll happen….

Sometimes I need to be reminded to take a deep breath and let things just happen.   If it’s important, if it’s necessary, if it’s what God needs to have happen then it WILL happen.  This goes for big things and little things: even school work.   I was pretty relaxed about getting behind during the weeks surrounding Abigail’s birth; but I was NOT relaxed when one week behind became two weeks behind and Samantha’s frustration began to mount.  Add to all that, I started having in-laws and such ask me “how’s school going?” on a daily basis.  (Ever have that feeling that there are some people in the world just looking to see you fail at something, because it makes them feel better about themselves?)

Who said we had to be caught up in a week?  NO ONE!   And even if we’re not all caught up by the time MY “end of the first six weeks” is here we’ll be fine.  Sam has actually done her Bible studies through next week, and is up to date with Science and Social Studies.  It’s Math and Learning to Read that she needs to catch up.  I can’t fault her for not wanting to do but so many lessons in a day.  She learned this stuff last year and after an hour of reviewing it you get pretty bored.  If I’m patient though, and I “feel” her out, I get a day like yesterday when she does 4 lessons in one day.

I’m counting my blessings instead of the number of items scratched off our “to do” lists and lesson plans.  My daughters LOVE to read and be read to, they love to sing, and move and dance.   Their imaginations are boundless.  They are eager to learn and absorb everything around them: at their own pace.


I’m wanting to make a special box that has “things to do while Mommy takes care of Abby” stuff in it.  Workbooks they can do by themselves, games they can play etc.  My two challenges are that Jolene still isn’t very good at remembering that crayons/markers/pens are for paper not my walls, and the last time we let Sam near a pair of school scissors unsupervised we ended up at the beauty salon.   Anyone have any suggestions on what I could put in my box?    We already have educational sites they can play on such as and (really cool movie making here!)

Ohhh!  I also could really use some indoor high energy activities for the girls… any suggestions?  It’s going to start getting cooler and rainy here and my girls need to burn off some excess energy.  I can’t go swimming at the YMCA with them yet and they aren’t big enough to go without me, so I’m at a loss for how to help them work of some of this energy.  I wish I could bottle it, I’d make a fortune!


Big hugs to everyone who has hung in here with me during this busy and stressful time (yeah, I’m referring to the whole pregnancy!)  We’re slowing getting it together over here and I hope to be back in force soon!

Fostering her creativity, with junk around the house :)

Our eldest daughter has started to exhibit an amazing desire, and talent, for drawing.  After watching a DVD bonus track on “How to Draw…” something from her Veggie Tales movie, she has gone around drawing the characters from the movie with surprising accuracy.  Ok, so she’s not Picaso or DaVinci, but she’s 6 years old and neither of us can draw worth a hookey.  I’m crafty, just don’t ask me to draw a straight line (without a ruler).

I’ve been totally slacking lately, and can only partially blame it on being six months pregnant.  So today, feeling guilty, I tried to throw together some special time with her while her sister napped.  In keeping with our new efforts to reuse things, I sent her on a hunt for some simple supplies:  a brown paper grocery bag, my pack of notebook paper, my scissors, and my stapler.

I cut the bottom off the bag, at the crease, and tossed the bottom aside (I’ll use it for something 🙂  ).  This left me with a “ring” of brown paper bag.  I cut about an inch off what was the top of the bag, just to clean it up a bit.  Next, I cut the sides along the middle crease.  This allowed for flap pockets to eventually be made for her to store stuff.   The paper bag pieces became the front and back cover.  I stuffed it with roughly 25 sheets of notebook paper and stapled the left edge.

We spent a good hour drawing pictures in it, naming smiley faces, and learning how to spell new words.  She was so excited to have a notebook especially made for doodling and dreaming.   Maybe tomorrow we can take out markers and stamp pads and decorate the covers!

Practice Practice Practice…

This link was shared with me by one of my local homeschool mommy friends…

I’m checking it out now, hoping to find some fun stuff for Sam to do today (so she’ll stop driving me bonkers! 🙂  )