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So you think you want to get up at 5:30 am?

I’m pretty sure DoodleBug will stay in her bed this morning for as long as she possibly can stand it.  Yesterday she woke up at 5:30 and refused to go back to sleep.  (She’s normally up around 9 or so)  I’m normally up that early, up to kiss hubby on his way out the door, but I’m also very accustomed to having some quiet time to gather my thoughts, pray, drink coffee, and ask God for the patience to survive the day.  DoodleBug had interupted that and I could think of no better way to keep her occupied then to start schoolwork early!  (evil grin) 

She was excited and eagerly ate her oatmeal, dressed and brushed her teeth while I gathered her books up near the couch. 

About half way through her first subject she decided she was too tired to figure out how to spell “took”. 

We survived ‘Reading I’ and ‘Language Arts’, moved into a quick ‘Social Studies’ lesson where somehow we started talking about how some of our families ancestors were Cherokee Indians and that turned into a crying session of how much she misses the great-great-great-great grandma she never met. 

I contemplated whether to pull out my hair or hers.  I decided instead to put those books aside and move on to Mathematics… I mean how hard can 6+1 be right?

Really stinking hard apparently!

We finished with a Bible lesson that went a little something like this:

“Remember yesterday when we talked about Jacob and Esau?
yes you do…
They were Isaac’s sons remember?
and he was blind?
and Jacob tricked him?
and stole his birthright?
remember the picture of the soup?
you know!  the dot to dot you did yesterday?”

I gave up…at least for that day.

I’m grateful that it’s 7:30 am and all are still asleep….  Thanks God, I needed that.

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Back to School 2008!

Welcome First Grade!  Welcome Preschool!  And within the next few weeks we’ll begin our real life Child Development class as we welcome our newest addition!

We started school officially this past Monday and it went great!  DoodleBug is very excited about her new curriculum.  Even TaderBug is getting into the swing of school even if it is mainly coloring and providing endless distraction for Doodles.  We chose Christian Light Education curriculum for her this year because it was clear cut, easy to follow, promotes independent working, and….  dum dum dum dum….  it’s pretty inexpensive.   It’s not free, but it is way cheaper than the cost of public school.

The amazing part is that for now we can get the basics done in less than two or three hours!  We’ve decided not to schedule a lot of extra activities until after the new year (in order to give us time to adjust to the baby).  I’m hoping that I can count on the baby sleeping at least two hours during the day!  🙂

I also revisited a few of my favorite websites, bookmarked them, and prepared for those days when momma just wasn’t feeling up for school.

our always favorite

and when I need to print extra stuff for Tader’s,  I love my subscription to Enchanted Learning (of course, most of their stuff is free, just easier to print as a member)


I was just totally interrupted in the middle of my post!  UGH…  completely lost my train of thought.  The girls went to the in-law’s house for a bit and my Father in Law just brought them home.  I wasn’t feeling well this morning so we didn’t get around to doing book work until late (totally her idea, not mine at all).  She came in and wanted to finish her Bible lesson and her Learning to Read lesson (with my FIL here of course!).  We finished and now she wants to do more math….  so off we go!

Starting the Journey-Step Three “Curriculums and Methods”

Step One
Step Two

Curriculums and Methods

One thing you probably noticed while you were finding friends and learning your child’s learning styles is that we all do it differently. Some of us use textbooks, some are more strict and classical, some are very relaxed, some “appear” to barely do school at all. That’s because, as homeschoolers, we are blessed with the ability to customize our curriculum and alter our methods to best fit our family situation and our children’s needs. Even when your state requires testing or virtual schools, you, as the parent, still have options.

Currently, we are probably in a mix of Traditional and Unschooling. We do workbooks, but we also just randomly study what we are currently interested in (see the post about tornadoes). We are planning to try out a full, and somewhat structured, curriculum next year for First Grade. I personally am making this change more for me than for Sam. I think having a guided curriculum will help me feel more secure that we are, in fact, learning something. Even then, I don’t expect to do everything in it, rather I expect to compliment it with lapbooks, field trips, and random research. has a great list and descriptions of different methods of homeschooling.

They also have a great list of curriculums and links! (One that I noticed is not listed is Christian Light, I was put on to this by a friend who uses some of their subjects with her youngest son, whom is easily distracted by colorful pages. Christian Light’s workbooks are simple and in black and white. Christian Light has no website, but a catalog can easily be requested by phone. I’ll try to find their phone number and post it here soon.)

Check out the homeschool groups you’ve joined from step one, ask your friends. If you already homeschool, then please leave a comment letting us know what worked for you!

Remember, just because you pick one today doesn’t mean you can’t change it tomorrow. We’ve been homeschooling for all of three months and already I’ve changed the game plan twice. I had no idea she would pick up on new stuff so quickly, and I had to adjust in order to keep it all interesting.


Step Four-Curriculum Fairs will be posted after Christmas!

Teaching the Periodic Table

We’re no where near teaching the periodic table, but I came upon this in my HEAV newsletter and thought I would share it.

“1.4 Free Lessons on the Periodic Table – Begins Soon

A science teacher turned homeschool mom is offering a free series of lessons for all ages on the elements of the periodic table. She hopes to introduce the subject to children early and teach them (and their parents) not to fear science or to view chemistry as a “harder” science. After all, chemistry makes up the world all around us!

The lessons will be in the form of a newsletter sent twice a month. Each newsletter will focus on one element, sharing such things as the history of the element’s discovery, interesting facts related to the element, information for the advanced learner, activities, and anecdotes/jokes common in the chemistry field or that pertain to the element. Each installment will also offer ideas for presenting the element to your children and both educational and humorous links for further reading and information about all sorts of topics.

See the website for more information and to sign up for the free lessons newsletter.

Information, Legislation & Resources!

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More than I paid for…

We wanted to get Sammy something educational for her birthday (which is today!!). She DID get toys, but we wanted to incorporate “schooling” stuff with the junk. While in Big Lots looking for a craft table for me, I stumbled upon some “Hooked On” boxes marked $5! We picked up “Hooked on Counting” (for Jo for Christmas), “Hooked on New Testament Bible Stories”, “Hooked on Spelling”, and “Hooked on Addition”. I let Sammy open the addition one this morning, hoping it would keep her interested in doing schoolwork on her birthday.

This box is awesome! It’s so simple, the audio CD gets annoying after two lessons (Sam agreed), so I started doing the flash cards with her sans cd. Without much effort she started to accept a concept I could not get across to her before– Counting On. This is where instead of saying 5 + 2, then taking out five beans and two beans and then adding them all together you simple start at five and count six, seven. She found it frustrating at first. She keeps trying to say that 5 + 2 is 52, or 1+0 is 10… Slowly though, we did make progress! They even have a clear page that you lay on top of the workbook so you can do it over and over again!

It came with two double sided sets of flash cards (with rings to hold them together), a workbook with the clear page, a dry erase marker, a progress poster, stickers, two dice, and red and blue counting discs. Oh, and that silly CD… Sam liked the music that played between lessons, but the lady doing the flash cards gets annoying after a while, and I think she moves a little fast.

For $5 I was pretty impressed! I can’t wait until tonight when she can open the others.