Turkey Sam, Turkey Jo and Momma Turkey… Puppet Crafts

Thanksgiving Turkey Puppet Craft

by Momma TaderDoodles

Great for young ages too!

Turkey Puppets


(per puppet)

One brown paper lunch bag

One paper plate

Feathers (colored feathers sold very inexpensively at local craft stores… i.e. Wal Mart 🙂 )


Stapler (because I have little patience)

White, Black, Red and Orange construction paper, fun foam sheets, felt, etc.

(you can also use “wiggly eyes” instead of making your own… I just couldn’t find mine)

Crayons or Markers (paint if your brave… I was not)

1. Color the bottom of the paper plate. I tried convincing my girls that this part should be brown but they both insisted their turkeys did not have brown behinds…

2. Fold the paper plate in half, and staple feathers between the edges, so that if forms a fan. This can be glued. I would recommend that you apply the glue and feathers and pinch it together with clothespins until it’s dry. I do not have that kind of patience and neither do my children, so we stapled ours together.

Turkey Jo’s Tail…

3. For the face, cut out a red “beard” and glue it under the folded bag bottom (i.e. inside the mouth).  Jo still thinks this is his tongue, I got tired of arguing with her…  once she started playing with it the “tongue” theory made it quite funny!

4. Cut out an orange triangle for the beak, white circles for the eyes, and black irises.  Use whatever glue you want, based on the type of paper/foam/felt your using.  We used basic elmer’s school glue and it took forever to dry.

5. Lay your tail down on the table, apply glue to the middle. Don’t drench it, but this is pretty heavy so be generous.  Lay your bag on top and press it onto the tail.

6. Allow ample time to dry.

Doodle Bug had a blast playing with a turkey on each hand.  She went in the other room and had long involved conversations with them.  Tader Bug (my baby) stole my turkey and with a bird on each hand she ran the hallway pretending she and the turkeys were flying!

Have fun! and Happy Thanksgiving!


6 responses to “Turkey Sam, Turkey Jo and Momma Turkey… Puppet Crafts

  1. Thank you for doing the quiz on my blog! I’m going to be doing more because one of my blogging friends likes to do quizs!

    Thank you

  2. Your welcome! Your blog is wonderful!

    (I feel your pain on the braces!)

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