Week One under our belt…

Week one is finished, and boy what a whirlwind! Even though Sammy had only been in public school for preK and 8 weeks of Kindergarten she still has alot of de-schooling to work on. When I announced that Thursday would be a “school in our pajamas” day I thought she was going to jump up and down until she passed out! She had so much fun! Her reading skills have doubled in one week, not that her teacher wasn’t helping her in that regard (because she was), it’s just Sammy didn’t have a lot of time to read or work on reading in class. Last night at Awana’s her leader came up and told me that she was shocked to see Sammy reading her Scriptures with little help. Man oh Man did that make me feel on top of the world! I can’t wait to get started again this morning!

As wonderful as this sounds, behind the scenes I know what’s really going on around here. My three year old is terribly jealous that her big sister gets so much attention in the morning, even though I try to involve Jo too. And as much as I hate the idea of people quizzing my daughter every time they see her, trying to see if she’s learning, I can’t help but join in and show off her new knowledge to those skeptics in the family that insist I am destroying my daughter.

Here’s some of my favorite remarks I’ve heard lately:

1. She needs to learn about a school bell and how to read and write from a blackboard.
2. You need to have bulletin boards to hang stuff from.
3. How is she going to learn to raise her hand to speak.
4. You need to have yourself financially organized before you do this!
5. You’ll never have time to do fun stuff for yourself anymore!
6. You’ll never get up and do P.E. exercises with her everyday (yeah, cuz my beer bellied PE teacher in high school actually did exercises WITH us everyday… right!)
7. You’re taking away her chance to have a teacher as her hero and mentor … (umm what am I?)


My husband and I have been discussing this for years, and seriously looking into it and downloading lessons for about a month. The final decision was made quickly and we had Sam out of school in a week. Let’s take a moment to see what’s changed around here:

1. Mom gets to shower more than three times a week!
2. We see our best friends (mine and hers) at least twice a week now instead of twice a year!
3. Less whining!
4. Better eating!
5. She’s sleeping through the night
6. Spending more time with dad!
7. Sammy has learned how to do dishes, and clean the bathroom sink!
8. At least once a week mom gets to leave the house and spend over an hour talking to grown ups! (HSing group play dates at the park are not necessarily for the kids!)

I don’t believe for one second that the wonderful positive changes in our house are simple because we homeschool. It is entirely, 110% , a blessing from God on our home for our stepping out against family and friends and doing what we felt called to do for our family. We stay busy, and yes mom stays running, however the dragged down, can’t get my fanny off the couch feeling has been lifted. There is a new purpose and drive in my life. Many opponents tell me it won’t last, that as usual I will get bored and fall behind. I disagree, I feel as though I am being fed energy, support and inspiration to move forward directly from the Holy Spirit and with that, I will only slow down when it’s time for us to take a break. I am refreshed everytime I hear Sam sing John 3:16, I am rejuvenated every time I see her “catch on ” to a new skill or hear her using her new “big” words in the playtime she has with her sister. Even daddy has renewed in interest in church, the Scriptures, and is participating in the little things without being asked. He used to come home and IF we remembered to show him what she did in school he would glance in our direction and say “wonderful!”. Now he comes home excited and wants to see her books. Even though he’s not here during the day he now feels like he’s a part of the process.

This isn’t what I had planned on posting this morning, it’s early and my brain hasn’t kicked in yet. We have a very full week planned, bowling, making four fairy costumes (which involves dyeing fabric!), mailing out invites, getting ready to go camping with Papa and Grandma this weekend, and getting the house ready for a “mommy” party on Friday.

I pray that all of you out there, whether homeschooling or public schooling, who are taking your child’s education and placing it in faith into the hands of God be blessed today. It seems any decision is against someone’s norm, and the only choice that matters is the decision to follow what God has called you to do for your family. I pray that we are all strong enough to follow, blindly, and faithfully .


One response to “Week One under our belt…

  1. I can hear the excitement as you type! It is amazing the happiness that comes with homeschooling. I type this as my kids are wresting on the living room floor over a toy LOL. Time with friends and doing things that matter is huge, and those who have never done it, just don’t get it.
    This blog is a great idea! I think I will start one to remember our journey with homeschooling!

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